About Me

Even when I was as a child I liked to work with wood. I built swords, wooden knives and sailing ships.
Later the interest in metal processing came to this. I was fascinated by the welding process -
connecting two materials had something magical for me.
Well, many years later, it is Kydex which interests me as a raw material.
This thermoplastic substance, which is like a second skin around the blade and handle.
By working with Kydex, I combine my passion for knives, craftsmanship and creativity.

  • born in 1981
  • at the age of 7: first assault on daddys workshop
  • at the age of 13: started working on construction site
  •  at the age of 19: certificate of apprenticeship
  •  8 years Bundeswehr (german army)
  •  5 years of studies
  •  afterwards ... solid daily routine with intermittent highlights