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  • What is Kydex and what are the benefits?
    Kydex is a thermoplastic material with high deformability and high strength at the same time. The material is waterproof, scratch-resistant, not susceptible to friction, dimensionally stable due to the weather and extremely resilient. Kydex wraps itself around the knife/tool like a second skin and, with this precise fit, makes additional safeguards superfluous. Leather contains tannins that attack steel, promote rust and dull the blade.
  • Does a Kydex sheath dull or scratch my knife?
    A Kydex sheath doesn't dull your knife like a chopping board does your kitchen knives. With a special preparation of the blade, blade mirror and handle, I ensure that your knife does not suffer any damage from the sheath.
  • How much does a Kydex sheath cost?
    The price depends on various factors. Plain, black Kydex work for smaller knives starts at €39. For all the extras (attachments, choice of color and pattern, etc.), the workload increases and with it the price. It's best to look around the shop to get an impression of the price calculation.
  • What information is required?
    For which knife/tool would you like a sheath? Which shape do you want (pancake or taco)? What color do you want your work to be?Are you right or left handed?Would you like a (belt) mount? If yes, which? Do you want attachments? If yes, which?
  • Do I have to send my knife/tool to you?
    In order to make a Kydex sheath, I need the work piece in front of me. Building a kydex sheath from drawings or measurements is impossible. I already have numerous knives here (Shop) - then there is no need to send them. Sending is mandatory for all other orders.
  • What happens after I send my knife/tool to you?"
    Your knife/tool will be sent to me by post and will be safely stored until it is its turn. How long it takes me to start your personal project depends on the workload. With the shipment tracking link of your parcel branch you are informed about the whereabouts of your knife/tool. If there are still open questions, I will contact you. After the work is finished, I usually send you pictures in advance and a little later your finished Kydex sheath and knife/tool are on their way back to you.
  • How secure is shipping?
    I usually send my work with DHL / Deutsche Post. In the vast majority of cases, both delivery and return are completely problem-free. Since OS Kydex Sheaths was founded, not a single package has gone missing in Germany. If a package is lost or damaged, all shipments are insured up to a value of €500 (higher amounts can also be insured on request).
  • Are there opening hours? How can I contact you?
    There is no physical store with opening times. You can preferably send me an email at any time of the day or night, which I will answer as soon as possible. For more complicated matters or project arrangements, we can also telephone from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 18:00.
  • Do you make kydex holsters for firearms?
    Due to the provisions of the German Weapons Act (WaffG), I am not able to make kydex work for firearms.


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