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GIANTMOUSE GMF1 kydex sheath
  • GIANTMOUSE GMF1 kydex sheath

    Kydex sheath for the GiantMouse GMF1.
    At the tip of the kydex sheath I have attached two eyelets so that the light knife can also be worn unobtrusively around the neck (neck knife).

    • A metal clip is very practical to attach the GMF1 vertically to the belt. A holder made of Velcro tape is ideal for carrying the knife across your belt. The Velcro tape is also a practical solution for attaching the Fällkniven to the shoulder strap of the backpack. If you want to carry your GiantMouse both horizontally and vertically on your belt, a Multi-Lok might be the right thing for you.
      In addition to the Kydex sheath, I can attach a fire steel holder, optionally with fire steel (80mm length).

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